At Alpha Boarding Center we are dedicated to the safety and comfort of your best friend, whether it is for a day, a week, or a month.  Our spacious indoor runs keep your canine friends comfortable and safe, while our large play yards provide plenty of exercise and playtimes.   Outside runs are completely covered to provide shelter from sun, rain, and snow.

Dogs are individually exercised four times a day in a fenced in play yard.  This allows your dog to play, burning off energy, and relieving boredom while you are away.  For owners that want their pets to have even more stimulation, additional playtimes and group play are available. 

Our smaller/older dog room offers a quieter atmosphere and relaxation.  This area has its own outside yards and indoor furniture.

The separate cat den has individual tiered kitty condos.  Feline guests have roaming time during the day to check out all the diversions in the room, including a TV with kitty DVDs, window perch, climbing tower, and aquarium.

Alpha Boarding center has state of the art security and fire detection systems to insure your pet’s safety and security.

Alpha Boarding Center offers professional dog and cat bathing and nail trimming by appointment.  A bath can be added at the end of your pet’s stay. 

Your inspections are encouraged.  Please stop by for a tour...  we’d love to show you around.


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